An introduction to a Scandinavian

Philosophy of Music Education and Cultural Work


Welcome to my site about Music and Education

Since the late seventies, I have been combining teaching and studies, with diverse forms of culture work. In 1987, I organised my freelance activities in Impro-produktion. Besides workshops, lecturing and supervision of educators, social- and cultural workers, I also have freelanced as storyteller, musician, composer, author and project-manager.

Over the years, I have met a lot of people who in different ways have contributed to my development as an educator. My most important experience, or conclusion, is that music is a huge resource for learning and development, available to all humans. However, despite my rather extensive experience with music education, I still feel I just have got a glimpse of the importance music can have in our cultural development.


As a researcher, I study the impact of music and musical knowledge from a Cultural-historical psychological perspective, inspired of the Lev S. Vygotsky among others. This perspective is also the theoretical pivot-point in the Philosophy of Music Education, which will be introduced and discussed on this site.




since 1987